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EUC needs to be cleaned and needs new filter. Purchased at pet co a year ago for my daughter for her beta fish. Ppu only
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In perfect shape, no leaks or cracks. Needs cleaning.
Fish Food ~ Columbia is PPU & Springhill I'll meet you there.
They have flower on the body ,
porch pick up
FCFS. No holds.
This item I am selling is a ten gallon fish tank it has a crack that can t cut anything because it has been closed it can t hold water but housed lizards in it for quite a while after it broke

Fish Tank

10 Gallon fish with light hood and gravel no cracks or leaks. Selling bc Goldfish died after 4 years, and we upgraded.
Good for small animals. Mice, young rat, hamsters, gerbils, geckos, ect.. Make me an offer... Ppu Columbia TN (Can purchase a baby rat or 2 with this)
Used, in good condition. Lots of life left. No leaks or issues. Has no cover or accessories included. $70
This is all the decor that comes with it, first pic. 2nd and third piece is it now. Ready to sale. The stand is the black tank and stand, not the Brown. I have 2 angel fish for 2 years, and 3 other fish. Background, fish food, any chemicals we have, nets, brushes, and it doesn't come with the pump. One hood light doesn't work. The one rock in the middle was 65$ alone. Very bright. Love my tank ...
selling my 60 gallon fish tank with stand, LED lights, heater, 2 filters one penguin 400 and one penguin 200, all decorations, a couple live plants, 5 large Angel fish, large catfish, Chinese algae eater, plecostomus, several cory cats The angelfish are large - the males bodies are 2.5 to 3 inches and from tip to tip on their fins is close to 7 inches. The female and a male are bonded and lay e...
This includes everything you need for a saltwater aquarium set up. I'm even throwing in some of my extra stuff! It is drained except for a small amount. Read Less
Self cleaning fish tank Ppu south spring hill
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